Piercing & Laser Removal

Piercing & Laser Removal


Here at Voodoo we strive to give you the best advice in regards to your piercing.

We understand getting a piercing can be a bit of a nerve wracking experience and will always take the time to reassure you and allay your fears. 

We use only titanium or niobium jewellery for your piercing & 9ct gold or sterling silver for ear lobes.

Piercings start from £15 each. Microdermals are £20.

Nipple piercings are strictly only available to clients over 18 years old. ID must be provided.

All other piercings for clients under the age of 18 must have parental consent and bring their parent of guardian along with them. 

Our piercer is always happy to help with any aftercare advice, by phone, via our Facebook page or by coming into the studio. She will also help with any jewellery changes once your healing has healed.

Appointment are not usually needed for piercings, but please give us a call first. 

Lazer Removal 

Quite a lot of us have those little tattoo disasters be it a poorly done tattoo or a design that we no longer love and want to rid from our lives. 

Our fully trained laser removal technicians are available to help and offer the best advise.

Lazer tattoo removal is simple, safe and produces great results, The lazer works by allowing the light produced by the lazer to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particle. The body then disposes of these particles via the immune system. 

Appointments will be booked in every 4 to six weeks to allow healing between treatments and with prices starting at just £30 per session it isn't as costly as you may think. 

Whether it is just to fade a tattoo enough to have a cover up or to remove the old tattoo completely our staff are here to help.